We are reluctantly selling our 1989 VW T25 hightop camper from the VW Komet series. It has a 1.7l water cooled diesel engine, which has 126k miles on the clock. The van has had two previous owners.

It has a full 12 month MOT which it passed on the 12 Mar 2018. As part of this, the engine has also been checked. Two advisories were raised: (1) steering mountings were worn and (2) the nearside front inner wheel arch is corroded. The latter is not at a load bearing position but both may require attention at some point. Otherwise the van is in good working order.

In the six years we have had the van, we have changed the exhaust and dealt with some rust. In 2015, the engine and gearbox were both completely reconditioned and the starting motor was changed. A full service history, including the records of the reconditioning, is available.

The condition of the exterior of the van is in good order. Inside the van, it has most of its original features with two gas burners, a fridge, three seatbelts (2 lap, 1 cross), a working stereo and high top bed and rock and roll beds. While some minor repairs are required the overall condition of the interior is good.

More detail is available upon request and we are available for viewings at weekends or when time allows, and ideally once this winter is over!